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Real estate management is both art and science, maximizing the value of your asset through careful stewardship of its physical space, tenant relationships and overall reputation in the marketplace.

At Certainant, we are engaged in offering efficient construction and after sale services to our clients, backed by considerable industry experience. Our activities cover the full range of real estate solutions and services in the Industry

Construction Contract Services

Choosing the contractor for your construction project can be one tedious task. We put your needs first and are willing to go that extra mile to complete your project in time and as expected. You will get a written estimate from which includes estimate for all work to be done by the us, the materials involved, date of completion and the total cost.

It is our responsibility to give you the precise description of the work to be completed, including a draw schedule and list of materials.

It could be that you are planning to build a new home, remodelling your old loved home , thinking of adding a room addition or a second story; whatever your plan is, we can help you achieve what you have set yourself without hassle.

Our payment terms are reasonable and favourable to you. Give us a call and we are glad to help you .

Architectural services

We are a team of creative architectural engineers who over the years have built a reputation for excellence trading legitimately and professionally.

We don’t expect to take the word for it and intent to give you details of all the previous projects we have done. We have never worked on just planning basis but include factors that are affected by the building regulation.

Contact us for an informal chat on how we could realise your dreams .

Interior designing services

Many a times you have the urge to go your own way but never got the time or the team. At Certainant our interior designer are an open minded lot, asking you to join in for a creative collaboration. We do much more than turn your house into a decorated space. We can deliver a project that is specially yours and loving.

We promise you that you will have the right match for your style. We can accommodate all your changes without much of a problem and have experience dealing with different kinds of clients. Our experience has led to horn our skills to showcase different aesthetics and we are sure you can find parallels between our work and your project.

We recommend getting involved at the beginning of the project rather than later.

Give us a call and let us start helping you keep the most loved item in your interior design project and not sacrifice for the sake of aesthetics.

Turnkey Construction Projects

We work as independent agents delivering for a fixed cost for great profits to you. We take the responsibility to deliver the project within the time, cost and quality. Since it is fixed cost and being a responsible partner we will initiate and manage the delivery in ways that is transparent and confidence building.

We possess the required technology and know-how to reduce the risk in executing the project.

Give us a call to have an understanding of how we deliver turnkey construction project eliminating stress, headaches, scheduling problems and excessive cost for you.

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